Venome L Lips Lidocaine 2x1ml

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Venome L Lips Lidocaine 2x1ml

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Perfectly plump lips with a clear outline of a cupid’s bow.
Cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel Venome Filler L Lips thanks to its unique rheological properties is perfect for lip augmentation and modeling.
The preparation in the form of a homogeneous and homogeneous gel gives the right volume, firmness and hydration while maintaining softness and naturalness.
Thanks to the viscous elastic structure and the hydration technology of the acid formula, the filler effectively corrects the asymmetries of the upper or lower lip, without any unwanted, unnatural effect.
Venome Filler L Lips is perfect for choosing a flat modeling technique, thanks to which the upper lip is aesthetically curved, the cupid’s bow is subtly emphasized, thus obtaining the effect of full, sensual lips.
This effect lasts from 5 to 6 months, but it depends on the injection technique used and biological and environmental factors.
  • increasing the volume of the lips
  • correction of the asymmetry of the upper and lower lips
  • highlighting the cupid’s bow
  • rejuvenation of the mouth area
  • injection into the oral mucosa or the middle and deep layers of tissue
Recommended size of needles and cannulas
  • 27G
  • 30G
CompositionThe product contains 20 mg / ml of monophasic, cross-linked hyaluronic acid in the form of a viscoelastic gel and 3 mg of lidocaine hydrochloride.

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