WiQo PRX-T Lady 1x2ml vial no box


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WiQo PRX-T Lady 1x2ml vial no box

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PRX-T Lady is highly appreciated by women of all ages and can be used by aesthetic doctors and gynecologists as a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment of the anogenital skin, armpits and nipple areola.

It is a non-ablative, chemical skin stimulation, non-invasive treatment of discoloration and chrono-aging of external female intimate areas, armpits, nipple areola and perianal area.


Biorevitalization without the use of needles
No long convalescence
Immediate and long-lasting effects
Low price


Brightening discoloration and chrono-aging defects of external intimate areas in women, the areola of the nipples and the perianal area
Restoring skin firmness and tension without damaging the epidermis


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) 33%
Kojic acid 5%

Application protocol

PRX-T Lady is a non-surgical procedure that combines the effects of professional and home products.

The treatment consists in rubbing the professional PRX-T Lady formula on the outside, which gives firmness, unifies the skin tone and structure. The treatment is continued with systematic home therapy through the use of a specially developed WiQo brightening serum.

Note: the product should be stored in the refrigerator!

1) Clean the area for treatment

2) Pierce the cap of the ampoule with the needle (18G)

3) Take the right amount of the product (about 1.5ml-2ml for the entire treatment)

4) Protect the mucosa with WiQo Restoring Cream

5) Apply with a special rubber spatula secured with a nitrile glove, repeat 2-3 layers, one after another without washing

6) In the event of irritation or intense burning, stop the treatment and wash off the remnants of the product

7) During one treatment, the product should be applied in stages to the individual areas (not the entire area) until the entire eligible area is covered.

8) After the end of the treatment, remove any residual product from the skin with running water

8) Apply the lightening cream

It is recommended to perform treatments with a frequency of 1 treatment every 15 days – 5 or more treatments in a cycle.




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