WT-Methode Lysander Realplex set

250ml + 250ml + 12x10ml


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WT-Methode Lysander Realplex set

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WT-Methode Lysander Realplex SET:

  • 12x10ml Lysander Realplex faza 1 – BOND CREATOR conditioner in ampoules for damaged hair structure
  • 250ml balm Lysander Realplex faza 2 – PROTECT CLEANER
  • 250ml Lysander Realplex faza 3 – BOND BOOSTER

A unique combination of ingredients that rebuild damaged hair

and protecting against the harmful effects of barber chemistry in 3 phases.

For dried and brittle hair, specially created 3-step therapy,

which rebuilds the damaged hair structure. This will allow further use of hairdressing chemistry

for embellishing hair without causing further damage to your hair.

Salon Professional Lysander 3 Phasen System opens endless hair repair options:

quality with long-lasting effect, permanent coloring and absolute reduction of hair breaking

after chemical treatments. For every type of hair and every application.

Realplex can be combined with all other products. The Realplex series rebuilds the hair structure

and its outer shell. Regardless whether the series is used as a rebuilding or chemical therapy

treatments – Realplex in a simple way makes the hair stronger, healthier and fuller shine.





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