A20P Peeling MCCM 1x10ml vial no box

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A20P Peeling MCCM 1x10ml vial no box

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Description – A20P Peeling MCCM

Against pigmentation problems, the MCCM brand offers the A20P. This skin treatment allows a natural whitening to eliminate hyperpigmentation spots on the epidermis.
The A20P is also a powerful peeling. Its formula was designed not to affect the top layer of the skin. A non-photosensitive product, it can be applied during the day and can be exposed to UV without any problems. A20P is also a skin stimulant. It erases slight scars and unsightly traces left by acne.

Product properties

A20P Peeling is an excellent mesotherapy treatment. It intervenes on the skin’s tyrosinase enzyme. Thus, it blocks the synthesis of melanin allowing the epidermis to lose its color.
This specificity of the product allows it to be an effective treatment against hyperpigmentation or even pregnancy masks. Some of the principles used in the formula also act on the skin. They accelerate skin regeneration and remove dead cells on the surface of the epidermis. Thus, pimples and other scars are faded for a more aesthetic result.

Targeted Areas – A20P Peeling MCCM

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Cleavage
  • Back of your hands.

Product use

The application of the A20P is done in 2 steps.

First, a thorough clean-up of the area to be treated is required. Then the product will be applied with a brush to the targeted part. It takes 3 layers of product to get the best result.

A20P is a mesotherapy treatment. For best use, it will have to be applied by a professional.


The MCCM A20P is an innovative peel. Its many active ingredients act quickly in depth to block the synthesis of melanin and clear hyperpigmentation stains while illuminating the skin in a natural and uniform way. The product formula also stimulates metabolism, speeding up skin regeneration and causing pimples and scars to disappear.




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