Stylage Hydro Max – 1 ml


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Stylage Hydro Max – 1 ml

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Stylage Hydro Max 1 ml

Moisturizing with prolonged action and protection against aging

It is crosslinked hyaluronic acid (12.5 mg / g) with sorbitol, which not only acts as a scavenger of free radicals but also increases the level of skin hydration. Thanks to this combination of active substances, we obtain a product that not only moisturizes, but also for a long time renews the structure of the proper skin. In addition, the optimal plasticity of the product ensures easy administration and comfort of the patient during and after the procedure.

Hydro Max is a product for immediate and long-lasting hydration, which restores freshness, smoothness and feeling of comfort to the skin.

HA concentration: 12.5 mg / g

Needle in the package: 30G1 / 2, 30G1 / 8

Networking: IPN Like Technology

Packaging: 1 x 1 ml




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