Amalian HAIR Booster 100ml

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Amalian HAIR Booster 100ml

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amalian HAIR Booster is an innovative conditioner that prevents baldness and restores thick hair

Thanks to the unique selection of properly balanced, natural ingredients, it is a revolutionary weapon in the fight against baldness. For everyday use, both for women and men, after a few weeks, it gives a spectacular effect of rebuilding and increasing hair density. Hair also regains its proper color and shine. The therapy can be used alone and as a supplement to mesotherapy with SRS Hair or HairCare cocktails.


  • Purified Water,
  • Panthenol,
  • Phenoxyethanol,
  • Sodium Hyaluronate,
  • Flavonoids *,
  • Ferulic Acid *,
  • Coffee Acid *,
  • Anthocyanins *,
  • Saponins *
  • Ingredients from plant extract

How to use:

  • The conditioner is intended for everyday use. It should be used in the evening, leaving it on the head all night. It is applied using an integrated applicator that allows for easy dispensing of small amounts of the preparation in places where the hair is thinning. After application, take a minute to gently massage the preparation into the scalp. The preparation is easily washed off with water.


2 reviews for Amalian HAIR Booster 100ml

  1. Mateusz Z.

    very good

  2. Anonymous

    Great product, and the shopping experience was made even better by the shop staff and their top-level customer service, excellent communications, flexibility with shipping options and prompt responsiveness to queries.
    Overall: 5* for the Lyra Shop team. Thank you!

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