CHANTARELLE PDT Photodynamic Platinum Ultra Cure Compress-Mask 200ml


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CHANTARELLE PDT Photodynamic Platinum Ultra Cure Compress-Mask 200ml

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Platinum mask Ultra Rebuilding, strongly rejuvenating, regenerating and soothing.

Recommended for all skin types, especially after chemical peels and aesthetic treatments with devices. It can also be used for the photodynamic platinum Chantarelle massage. It contains rejuvenating and antibacterial platinum, repairing Sodium DNA and Anemone Neuropeptide – a soothing neuropeptide with the effect of sea anemone venom.

The Platinum Peel & Cure line combines the action of regenerating acids with rebuilding and rejuvenating dermo-treatment.

Reconstruction, rejuvenation and renewal

Skin care with the Platinum Peel&Cure line is based on two stages: PEEL and CURE. The PEEL stage consists of treatments with laser acids, while the CURE stage consists of intensive preparations for use after cosmetic procedures and during home care. The reconstruction, rejuvenation and cell renewal of the CURE phase takes place thanks to innovative and unique active ingredients. They accelerate skin repair processes and reduce irritation, for example after intensive exfoliating treatments.

The power of active ingredients:

✓ Platinum – has a strong rejuvenating, regenerating and rebuilding effect on the skin. It reduces deformations in skin cells, participates in tissue reconstruction (healing, scarring). Radically reduces epidermis discoloration, evens skin tone. It also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

✓ Sodium DNA – an active ingredient of marine origin with a comprehensive rejuvenating effect. It reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. It also repairs the structure of blood vessels, skin microdamage and damage caused by UV and R radiation and the action of free radicals.

✓ Anemone Neuropeptide – a neuropeptide with the effect of sea anemone venom. Calms overactive skin, minimizes skin reactions to stress and environmental stimuli such as heat, light, contact with e.g. clothes or pollution. It reduces the symptoms of sensitive and irritated skin – redness, itching, dryness.

✓ The active formula is supplemented with high-molecular hyaluronic acid, macadamia oil, Shea butter, allantoin and beeswax.


Application: PDT / LED laser treatment, needle-free mesotherapy, sonophoresis or manually

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