Mesoestetic Dermamelan Home Pack

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Mesoestetic Dermamelan Home Pack

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The Dermamelan Home Pack is the complete guideline for using the Dermamelan® method at home. Contains products in line with the professional method at home and supplementing the depigmentation effect in removing and even reducing discoloration. It is a complete treatment that can be performed at home to complete an in-office treatment.
The set includes basic products to help fight discoloration to prevent their reappearance:

  • Dermamelan 30 ml
  • Melan Recovery 50 ml
  • Melan 130 Pigment Control 50 ml


Melasma, also freckles, age spots, post-inflammatory and hormonal discoloration, vitiligo and as an anti-wrinkle prophylaxis.


Application of the Dermamelan® cream according to the strict instructions of a specialist on the cleansed skin of the face.
After the application of Dermamelan® cream, use Melan Recovery cream and during the day a cream with Melan 130+ filter




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