Circadia Glyco-Guard 59 ml


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Circadia Glyco-Guard 59 ml


The unique composition of the cream consists of biomolecules and sweet osmanthus extract (aromatic oil), which provide strong antioxidant protection against free radicals and prevent the glycation process. The product effectively removes toxins from cells and rejuvenates the skin.

Recommendations by skin type:

Suitable for people with signs of aging


Biomolecules prevent the glycation process
Peptides, plant extracts and oils in the composition of the cream have an antioxidant effect, remove toxins and protect the connective tissue

Main ingredients:

Benfotiamine – Increases the level of TRR and controls the formation of end products of the glycation process
rice oil
Vitamin E
SurviCode – It promotes the activation of survivin, sirtuin-1, connexin-2, nidogen, pleotrophin, and also ensures the protection of Langerhans cells, promoting their longevity and improving intercellular communication
Climbing Flower Extract – Prevents glycation and oxidative stress, protects biomolecules from glycation products and inflammation, and prevents the increase in sugar levels and cell damage with the end products of the glycation process
Matrixyl™ Synthe ® ‘6 – Stimulates the production of substances necessary for skin regeneration, including collagen and elastin
Decarboxy Carnosine – Responsible for antiglycation, transglycation and has antioxidant properties
Bis-ethylhexyl dihydroxy methylbenzene malonate – Combats oxidative stress, strengthens protection against ultraviolet radiation and prevents the formation of free radicals
Alpaflor ABI Complex AO – The complex protects DNA, promotes wound healing and re-epithelialization, contains antioxidants, chlorogenic acid and their derivatives, phenyltanoids, flavonoids, tannins and iridoids

How to use:

Apply in the evening after Counter A.G.E Antioxidant Serum.

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