Epil Free Intyma Care System 2x18ml EpilFree

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Epil Free Intyma Care System 2x18ml EpilFree

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EPILFREE is an innovative system of removing unwanted hair performed immediately after depilation with wax or sugar paste. It only takes 5-10 minutes. INTIMA dedicated to the bikini area, buttocks, armpits.

It is important to apply the PREPARATION 60 seconds after depilation to a freshly emptied hair follicle.

The preparation does not work on broken hair, only on pulled out by the bulb.



Epilate the area thoroughly, removing the hair from the root
Do not apply any oils or lotions to the skin after depilation
Apply the recommended amount of ACTIVATOR A to the depilated skin no longer than 60 seconds after depilation and pat in the preparation

ACTIVATOR A expands the hair follicle four times, preparing it for further application

Wait 5 minutes and continue loading B TONER.
Massage Toner B vigorously in the opposite direction of hair growth until complete absorption

The ingredients of Toner B cause permanent dysfunction of the hair follicle

The preparation does not work on broken hair, only on pulled out by the bulb

After applying EPILFREE for 6 hours, do not wash the area, do not apply creams, lotions, oils, make-up



The EPILFREE system is dedicated to all types of hair, regardless of skin tone, hair color, thickness
It is an alternative for people who do not want or cannot use a laser
Tanned skin is not a contraindication for the EPILFREE treatment
It is safe and painless
It can be used regardless of the season
Effective for all parts of the body
Tested and certified product
No contraindications to tanning
Reduces the amount of unwanted hair by up to 80%
No discoloration, burning irritation after the procedure.


The effect is noticeable after the first treatment. There is less and less hair each time. It is recommended to perform facial treatments every 2-3 weeks.

The product is not tested on animals.


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