Xylogic Retix C – 4% retinol (5 treatments)

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Xylogic Retix C – 4% retinol (5 treatments)

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Retix C is an intensive rejuvenating and rebuilding skin treatment. Retinol in the form of a stable and innovative Matrix polymer complex shows prolonged and increased penetration into the skin, while minimizing the concentration. Present in ActiCell 40: Vitamin C 8%, in the form of a left-handed ascorbic acid steroisizer and 30% Antioxidants, they show an extremely effective rejuvenating effect and protect the skin against harmful oxidation reactions, thanks to which the ActinCell 40 Retinol 4% has a prolonged and optimal therapeutic effect .

The product stimulates cell renewal, removes dead skin by refreshing and intensively smoothes the skin, the effect is visible after the first treatment.

face + neck + cleavage: anti-aging therapy and reducing imperfections
body: stretch marks reduction

The treatment reduces imperfections (wrinkles, blackheads, discoloration), moisturizes, brightens and illuminates the skin.

4% retinol, 8% vitamin C and high concentration of antioxidants (30%).

After the professional part of the procedure in the office, the patient goes home with a retinol mask, which he washes himself after 6-8 hours.
The series should consist of a minimum of 4 treatments with a frequency of one treatment every four weeks.

5 x mask 5g, 5 x ampoule 2 ml




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