Circadia Tranquili-Cream 59 ml


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Circadia Tranquili-Cream 59 ml


Cream for sensitive skin or for people with rosacea. The cream contains plant and marine extracts that reduce itching and redness. Peptides and a lipid complex have a skin-vitalizing, softening effect and contribute to the renewal of the skin’s protective barrier.

Recommendations by skin type:

Dilated capillaries
Sensitive skin
Protective barrier breached
Dehydrated skin


Plant extracts contribute to reducing inflammation, redness and irritation
Peptides and a lipid complex revitalize the skin and restore the integrity of the epidermal barrier
Instantly removes discomfort
Moisturizes the skin

Main ingredients:

SepiCalm VG (sodium palmityl proline and white lily extract) – Inhibits inflammatory pigmentation, soothes delicate and sensitive skin, and reduces inflammation. Relieves discomfort and burning
Shea butter and argan oil extract
Golden saffron bulb extract
Purified fraction from the root of felsicum
Sea Gorgonium Extract
Symsitive 1609 – Soothes sensitive skin, instantly removes itching and stinging, strengthens antioxidant protection and reduces wrinkles
Aloe gel
Marrubium Stem Cell Extract
Delisense – Regulates the action of the PAR-2 receptor, reducing discomfort and restoring barrier integrity
protective. The ingredient effectively moisturizes, removes calloused cells, smoothes and softens dry skin
Acacia extract
Orchid root extract
Ginseng root extract

How to use:

Use as part of morning and evening care after cleansing the skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Can be used with Rose-Ease Relief Cream.

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