Circadia White Veil Brightener 59 ml


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Circadia White Veil Brightener 59 ml


The light consistency of the cream allows the product to quickly penetrate the skin, effectively brightening discolorations thanks to the innovative combination of ingredients.

Recommendations by skin type:

Age discoloration
Uneven skin tone
Melasma after pregnancy
Discoloration caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight


It inhibits the production of tyrosinase
Does not contain hydroquinone or kojic acid
It can be used in morning care
Safe and effective

Main ingredients:

Alpha-arbutin – Tyrosinase inhibitor against hyperpigmentation
SepiWhite MSH – An MSH-alpha antagonist that binds to MC1-R and inhibits tyrosinase production, thereby brightening the skin
B-white – Reduces the amount of the MITF transcription factor (a transcription factor associated with microphthalmia), inhibiting the constitutive and facultative pathways of pigmentation. Simultaneously reduces tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis for overall skin brightening
K3 Vita C – A stabilized form of vitamin C with a brightening effect thanks to the inhibition of tyrosinase activity and effective skin regeneration and antioxidant activity
Chromobright – Its mechanism of inhibiting tyrosinase activity is similar to the mechanism of action of ascorbyl palmitate, thanks to which it effectively brightens the skin

How to use:

Apply in the morning or evening after cleansing the face.

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