Cutegel N Lidocaine 1x1ml

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Cutegel N Lidocaine 1x1ml

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Cutegel N with Lidocaine can be used to treat the skin on numerous different areas of the body. This product is a hyaluronic acid filler which, thanks to its biphasic gel formulation, allows for a particularly elastic, natural result. This product is particularly suitable for treating lips, nasolabial folds, the nose and the chin area. However, very beautiful results can also be achieved with Cutegel N with Lidocaine in the cheek area. It is injected into the mid to deep dermis and ensures a particularly reliable result there thanks to the even distribution of the hyaluronic acid particles. The volumising effect comes from the strong moisture-binding effect of the hyaluronic acid. At the same time, this active ingredient stimulates natural skin regeneration and ensures a radiantly fresh complexion. The local anaesthetic lidocaine incorporated in Cutegel N with lidocaine results in a more comfortable and painless injection.

The Cutegel Product Range

Cutegel is a product range that understands hyaluronic acid fillers and uses the latest technology to create new possibilities in facial treatment. At the heart of the portfolio are four products, each with different hyaluronic acid particle strengths. Depending on the desired effect and the area of the face to be treated, a filler can be chosen that is optimally suited to these needs. From smoothing the first skin lines to the targeted filling of volume, the products in this line cover all application purposes. Top results are no coincidence with Cutegel, but are based on the careful production. All products in this line are characterised by special viscoelasticity and long durability. They are also easy to use, which makes treatment even more comfortable for patients. The highest level of safety is standard at Cutegel. Only certified hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is used in production. Thorough cleaning procedures ensure that there are no residues, which minimises the risk of allergic reactions. The uniform particle density in Cutegel products facilitates treatment and contributes to an ideal result.

Ideally suited for light to medium depth wrinkles, as well as light volume enhancement of the following areas:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Nose
  • Cheek area
  • Lips
  • Chin area

1 syringe / injection of 1.0ml

The concentration of the hyaluronic acid gel is 20mg/ml and 3mg/ml lidocaine.

As a result of the immediately visible results of the treatment, there is an increase in the client’s self-esteem. The effect can last up to 6-12 months. This depends on age, skin type, sporting activity and technique used.

The dispensing may only take place with an original medical prescription. This regulation does not apply to any person involved in the healing trade or health care. The manufacturer and we, as the seller, point out that an injection of products with and without lidocaine should only be carried out by trained and medically qualified staff.




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