D-Lab Circulation Complex + D-Lab Draining Detox

Supplements to Eliminate Excess Water


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D-Lab Circulation Complex + D-Lab Draining Detox

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The set consists of 2 products:

  • D-Lab Draining Detox
  • D-Lab Circulation Complex

1. Dietary supplement Draining Detox that removes excess water from the body. Its components activate two interdependent mechanisms:

cleansing and detoxification of the kidneys and urinary system
help in removing excess water from the body

The most important ingredients and their application:

  • Orthosiphon extract detoxifying, regenerating, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and choleretic effect
    Dandelion and chicory support detoxification mechanisms
    Turmeric has properties that stimulate the secretion of bile, gastrin, secretin and pancreatic enzymes, it also has antibacterial and antispasmodic properties
    Fennel seed extract helps to enhance the elimination functions of the kidneys.
    Bearberry leaf promotes the elimination of the urinary tract.
    Hawkweed and gentian extracts have toning and firming properties.
    Thermal salts and Vichy water ingredients that contain the highest concentration of trace elements such as silicon, iron, manganese, fluorine, boron and lithium. They support filtration processes

Ingredients for 2 capsules:

  • Gross Orthosiphon 480 mg
    Common dandelion 400 mg
    Jastrzebiec 400 mg
    Bearberry 320 mg
    Fennel 160 mg
    Bitterness 100 mg
    Vichy Thermal Salts 80 mg
    Turmeric 50 mg
    Chicory 40 mg

2. Active Circulation Complex works in two stages:

stimulates blood circulation
fights the accumulation of fat in the legs.

The most important ingredients and their use:

  • Nettle and red vine extracts improve circulation, have dehydrating properties
    Chestnut extract rich in escin promotes blood circulation; allows good circulation in the legs.
    Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen, supports the work of blood vessels.
    The grapevine extract is rich in polyphenols, helps to control weight and slim the figure.
    Polyphenolic compounds seal blood vessels, protect the heart muscle and lower blood pressure. Among their benefits for the immune system, the following should be mentioned: anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.
    Zinc regenerates and smoothes the epidermis and provides protection against irritation, restores elasticity and elasticity.
    Thermal salts and Vichy water ingredients that contain the highest concentration of trace elements such as silicon, iron, manganese, fluorine, boron and lithium. They have a nourishing effect.

Ingredients for 2 capsules:

  • Grape proper 1.56 g
    Guarana 300 mg (of which caffeine 22 mg)
    Sweet clover 200 mg
    Nettle 400 mg
    Chestnut 720 mg
    Gross Orthosiphon 240 mg
    Vichy Thermal Salts 30 mg
    Vitamin C 20mg
    Iron 5mg

Brand D-LAB

D-LAB Nutricosmetics – French manufacturer of the highest quality dietary supplements. The whole thing was designed and manufactured in France. The brand has the highest ISO 22000 food quality certificate. The products have undergone a double microbiological analysis to ensure their quality and safety. The whole thing is GMO-free, contains no preservatives, the capsules are vegetarian. None of the products have ever been tested on animals. The company strongly cares about ecology, all packaging is designed for recycling.
D-Lab supplements are the latest generation of nutritional nutricosmetics. D-LAB experts have created products that affect the necessary functions of our body: they improve well-being, affect the acid-base balance, the health of microflora and cellular respiration.
To emphasize the benefits of nutricosmetics, D-LAB has created appropriate dietary and supplement programs, containing several complementary products. The purpose of this is an easier way to assimilate and achieve the intended goal in a minimum of time.

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