DERMAXGEL – Deep 10x1ml



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DERMAXGEL – Deep 10x1ml

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DERMAXGEL – Deep 10x1ml
Purified gel based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid to eliminate aesthetic defects in the face.The use of only pure and natural, non-animal hyaluronic acid stabilized with the safest BDDE cross-linking agents allows for immediate modeling and biocomplementation effects.Its unique hydrophilic nature of the molecules combined with the three-dimensional texture guarantees perfect viscoplasticity and durability. The product helps to make the tissue cohesive and smooth.Non-animal product. Stabilized with the BDDE factor. Certified, Disposable, sterile, packed in a graduated syringe.Comes with 2 injection needles.Recommendations for use:Inject the product into the deep layer of the dermis or into the subcutaneous tissue. Recommended for reducing deep wrinkles and folds, volumetric lip filling and face contouring.

Product for professional use only.

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