DERMAXGEL – Derm 2ml



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DERMAXGEL – Derm 2ml

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DERMAXGEL – Derm 2ml
Purified gel based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid to eliminate aesthetic defects in the face.The use of only pure and natural, non-animal hyaluronic acid stabilized with the safest BDDE cross-linking agents allows for immediate modeling and biocomplementation effects.Its unique hydrophilic nature of the molecules combined with the three-dimensional texture guarantees perfect viscoplasticity and durability. The product helps to make the tissue cohesive and smooth.Non-animal product. Stabilized with the BDDE factor. Certified, Disposable, sterile, packed in a graduated syringe.Comes with 2 injection needles.Recommendations for use:Inject the product into the middle part of the dermis. Recommended for reducing delicate and medium-deep wrinkles, filling and modeling lips.

Product for professional use only.

By making a purchase, you declare that you are the person authorized to perform the above-mentioned treatments.

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