Dottore Retino Booster set treatment

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Dottore Retino Booster set treatment

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Dottore Retino Booster Treatment Set is a complete package needed to carry out a series of relaxing treatments supporting the skin in the fight against the problem of gray and sallow skin, as well as improving its general condition, evening out the color and rebuilding the hydrolipid barrier. All the indicated effects are achieved thanks to the unique combination of enzymatic peeling with papain and the nutritional power of natural algae masks. The whole thing is supported by body massage butter with a high content of omega 3 and 6 acids. During regular treatments, the skin regains its natural glow and is regenerated and nourished. The set includes an anti-wrinkle cream, which additionally enhances the effect of active substances administered during treatments. An additional element is an introductory treatment with the Retino Booster set, which prepares the skin for the next stages of care.


regaining shine,
wrinkle reduction,
improvement of skin tone,
antioxidant effect,
reconstruction of the hydrolipid barrier,
relaxing treatment,
for all skin types.

How to use:

Carry out an introductory treatment with the Retino Booster set.
Prepare and degrease the skin with Sensitore Cavitation Tonic.
Carry out a peeling treatment using Puratore Enzymatic Peeling with Papain.
Perform a relaxing facial massage using Sacha Butter Fresco Facial Butter.
Apply a face mask: Nourishing Algae Mask.
At the end of the treatment, massage in C-flush Cream Rich Anti-wrinkle cream with 2% vitamin C and avocado oil.


Retino Booster Butter with xymenic acid 40 ml + Retinol mask 8×5 ml,
Sensitore Cavitation Tonic Cavitation tonic 500 ml,
Puratore Enzymatic peeling with papain 200 ml,
Sacha Butter Fresco Facial butter 300 ml,
Nourishing Algae Mask 5×30 g,
C-flush Cream Rich Anti-wrinkle cream with 2% vitamin C and avocado oil 30 ml.




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