Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Vitamin C Beauty Flash 22,5ml


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Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Vitamin C Beauty Flash 22,5ml

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Vitamin C with a 2-phase application system for intensive skin care

Vitamin C contained in the preparation, thanks to a special system of dispensers that allows it to be freshly prepared, helps protect against harmful environmental influences, provides the skin with an immediate flow of energy and has a smoothing, firming and regenerating effect. The skin’s elasticity improves, wrinkles become shallower – this effect helps to prevent premature skin aging. Vitamin C Beauty Flash is beauty at the push of a button” and thus helps to gently reduce discoloration as well.

How to use: Remove the white protection from the bottle – completely tear off the white strip on the cap, and then remove the white protection from the bottle. After removing the protection, a red button will appear on the bottle – pressing it firmly and completely will release the powder containing the preparation directly into the liquid contained in the bottle. Now it is enough to mix the contents of the bottle by shaking vigorously and several times. Then remove the gasket (white ring on the top of the bottle in which the red button was pressed) and replace it with the dispenser contained in the package.It is used in the morning and evening as part of the daily skin care routine (7-10 days).For external use only.


Dr. med. Christine Schrammek


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