RRS Hyalift 75 – 6x5ml

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RRS Hyalift 75 – 6x5ml

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RRS Hyalift 75 (6 x 5ml)

RRS Hyalift 75 is pure, non-stabilized high-concentrated hyaluronic acid 15 mg / ml.
For use only in conjunction with RRS Silisorg products (5 ml Hybrid + 5 ml Silisorg)

Packaging: the full package contains 6 x5 ml vials


  • hydration
  • filling of fine wrinkles
  • anti-aging
  • improving the quality of the skin

For whom: for people over 35 years of age


  • face
  • neck
  • cleavage
  • back of the hand
  • the inner side of the shoulders
  • inner side of the thighs
  • perimenal area
  • stomach

Injection technique:

  • intradermal injections with a 30G or 32G needle on the so-called clod
  • the doctor may use the technique that suits him best: many injections of the linear-withdrawing, fan-shaped, cross-shaped technique, the “fish-bone” technique
  • you can use a mesotherapy gun
  • you can use the cannula






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