Dr. Michaels kit on psoriasis head 200ml + 200ml


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Dr. Michaels kit on psoriasis head 200ml + 200ml

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Dr Michaels Set of Psoriasis 200ml + 200ml

The kit consists of Dr Michaels:

Conditioner 200 ml + 200 ml gel.

Designed for people with psoriasis scalp hair.

How to use Dr Michaels preparation kit (recommended 4-6 weeks):

Scalp hair:

1. Skin lesions lubricate in the evening Dr. Michaels skin regenerator (do not wash your head before use). Leave for the night.

2. In the morning wash your head with Dr Michaels washing gel and rinse with warm water.

3. Dry your hair in not too high temperature.

To get the expected result in people with psoriatic lesions,

At the same time, use 2 Dr Michaels series

Composition of the Set:

1. DR MICHAELS gel has exfoliating properties, eliminates keratinizing epidermis, reduces irritation and redness. Itching relieves and supports the regeneration process of the skin. Makes the other preparations better absorbed and their performance more effective.

2. MICHAELS Skin Regenerating Conditioner deeply penetrates the skin by improving its hydration, greasing, elasticity and elasticity. It smoothes the skin and removes its discoloration.


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