ENDOCARE Ampoules 40 SCA – 7 x 1 ml



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ENDOCARE Ampoules 40 SCA – 7 x 1 ml

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The light, hydrated formula of the ampoules intensively repairs, regenerates and has a strong anti-wrinkle effect. When applied during the day, it gives the skin the effect of immediate illumination, evens out the skin tone; applied at night has a strong lifting effect. Dedicated to all skin types, perfect for makeup, after aesthetic treatments: toxin, fillers, peels, microdermabrasion, dermo rollers, m-pens and for oxygen infusion.SCA:-Protein> low molecular weight ^ stimulation of fibroblasts> high molecular weight> transport and release of oxygen in the cell-Antioxidant enzymes (SOD, GTSH) + Collagenesis> antioxidation, removal of damaged collagen and stimulation of the formation of new collagen fibers-Glucosaminoglycans + Proteoglycans ^ increase in hydration-Calcium + selenium> cell protectionIndications:-Wrinkles of varying severity-Product before the so-called great exit”-Ideal products after aesthetic medicine treatmentsComposition:SCA 40 – the most effective and strongest substance of natural origin, guarantees the highest level of skin regeneration, reduction of wrinkles and hydration.Hygroplex HHP – immediate moisturizing effect, action similar to NMFPentavitine – the effect of long-lasting hydration in the skin for up to 3 days thanks to the ability to permanently bind with keratin, improves skin softness and smoothness, reduces redness and dryness of the skinVitamins C and E.Use:Apply to cleansed face and neck skin.The effect of immediate lightening of the so-called FLASH EFFECT.Applied during the day, they provide an immediate illumination effect, while at night they have a strong lifting effect.Weekly Rapid Firming Treatment: Use monthly.Package:7 x 1 ml

low molecular weight ^ stimulation of fibroblasts&gt




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