Eternelle Gold Night cream 50ml in tube


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Eternelle Gold Night cream 50ml in tube

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Fill in wrinkles and get a clearly defined face contour

Intensively lifting collagen serum with nano-gold and precious caviar extract for use at night uses the night potential of skin regeneration – repair processes that take place in the skin between 24:00 and 4:00 at night. The precious formula based on the most valuable ingredient in anti-age care – caviar, as well as nanocolloid gold particles and collagen amino acids, deeply penetrates the skin tissues during natural night bio-renewal. Strongly tightens the skin, firms it, lifts it and fills wrinkles.

NIGHT GOLD LIFTING – intensive skin firming with Eternelle GOLD NIGHT

The luxurious Eternelle GOLD NIGHT collagen serum is a liquid anti-age diamond – an extremely effective anti-aging formula, which, thanks to the content of caviar extract obtained from the European shores of the Atlantic Ocean and gold particles, visibly reduces wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful glow from the first application.

It defines the contour of the face, reduces drooping cheeks, reduces dark circles under the eyes, lifts and supports the reconstruction of the skin matrix.

Eternelle GOLD NIGHT fills wrinkles and rebuilds the density of the facial skin thanks to the most valuable ingredients combined in golden proportions:

– gold strongly firms and smoothes the skin, fills wrinkles, improves color, regenerates, lifts and gives the skin a youthful glow,

– caviar renews collagen fibers, lifts the oval of the face, intensively tightens the skin, oxygenates it, eliminates dark circles under the eyes, moisturizes, has anti-aging properties,

– lactic acid exfoliates, eliminates calloused layers of the skin, moisturizes and soothes, has a peeling effect, makes the skin elastic, shiny and resilient,

– collagen amino acids replenish collagen deficiencies in the skin, help to maintain firm, smooth, illuminated and properly tensed skin,

– macadamia seed oil – vitamin E acts as a natural emollient, preventing the loss of nutrients from the skin surface. It protects against UV radiation, reduces skin inflammation, moisturizes and strongly smoothes the skin.

Eternelle GOLD NIGHT intelligent collagen serum is a lifting Cosmetic Pearl, based on the most noble and effective anti-aging ingredients: GOLD ♥ CAVIAR. Using the night potential of skin regeneration, it visibly smoothes wrinkles, restores the desired density, elasticity and elasticity of the skin.


Who is Eternelle GOLD NIGHT for?

Eternelle GOLD NIGHT collagen serum is designed for women who want to reverse the signs of aging on their face. The lifting formula penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, intensifying the bio-renewal processes that take place between 24:00 and 4:00 at night. Tightens and firms the skin, giving the skin a velvety smoothness and radiant glow. It rebuilds the density of the skin, increases its elasticity and elasticity, visibly reduces wrinkles.

How fast does Eternelle GOLD NIGHT work?

By using the Eternelle GOLD NIGHT serum regularly every evening, within the first weeks you can see an improvement in skin firmness, a clear facial contour and a reduction of mimic and sun wrinkles.

Why is the Eternelle GOLD NIGHT serum so effective?

The most luxurious and hard-to-reach ingredient in cosmetology – caviar – stimulates collagen synthesis and “builds” into the skin structure. Gold strongly lifts and illuminates the skin, leaving it elastic, elastic, smooth and firm. In addition, the action of the serum uses the so-called. night skin regeneration potential – intensifies the bio-renewal of skin tissues that takes place between 24:00 and 4:00 at night, which is why it restores the proper density even to very dry and flabby skin.

How to use Eternelle GOLD NIGHT?

The serum should be massaged with circular movements into the cleansed skin of the face in the evening, just before bedtime. You can also perform a gentle massage of the skin with your fingertips. Use daily.

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