Fabre EasyGo 1.8%, 2 ml x 1 pre-filled syringe

Only a doctor can perform the intraarticular injection procedure. The pre-filled syringe is for single use only.


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Fabre EasyGo 1.8%, 2 ml x 1 pre-filled syringe

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Fabre EasyGo is a medical device in the form of a gel for intra-articular injections. The ready-to-use formula based on sterile, colorless and transparent hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is characterized by an appropriate pH indicator and can be injected directly into the joint by qualified medical personnel only in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations to replenish the synovial fluid.

Hyaluronic acid in intra-articular injection

Hyaluronic acid is a biopolymer, or more precisely, a polysaccharide, which is an important component of the skin and connective tissue. A disposable 2 ml pre-filled syringe contains 1.8% hyaluronic acid (36 mg/2 ml).

The EasyGo 1.8% (2 ml) pre-filled syringe also contains sodium succinate, which, in combination with hyaluronic acid, in addition to its symptomatic effect, temporarily restores the elasticity of synovial fluid. Additionally, it also limits processes that may lead to cartilage damage, including those resulting from injuries or degenerative joint disease.


Medical device for injection based on hyaluronic acid in a syringe.

How to use
How to properly perform an intra-articular infection with EasyGo 1.8%?

Before using the EasyGo medical device, it is important for the doctor to conduct a thorough interview and inform the patient about the expected effects of treatment and possible complications.
EasyGo intra-articular gel should be administered only by qualified and appropriately trained physicians in intra-articular injections, and the preparation may only be administered intra-articularly.
The administration of the product should always be aseptic.




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