Flexus Fluid 25mg/2,5ml


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Flexus Fluid 25mg/2,5ml

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Flexus Fluid, solution for intra-articular injections, 1 syringe

class I medical device
sterile sodium hyaluronate solution 25 mg / 2.5 ml


Active substance: 25 mg of sodium hyaluronate. Excipients: disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium chloride, purified water for injection up to 2.5ml, pH 6.8 ~ 7.8.

Flexus Fluid, solution for intraarticular injection

helps to balance the mechanical load from the outside.
creates a protective barrier for the pond
protects the synovial tissue
supports the renewal of articular cartilage


Flexus Fluid, solution for intra-articular injections is indicated for the treatment of pain associated with osteoarthritis.
The method of using the medical device

Adults with osteoarthritis: 1 syringe of the product per week, 3 syringes during therapy. The product is administered by injection into the joint.
The dosage and injection time depend on the symptoms.
The expected time of effective action is at least 6 months from the use of the product.
The product should be injected using an 18-25 G needle inserted into the joint cavity.

Contraindications and precautions

Do not use in patients with known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic preparations.
Injections into the joint cavity are contraindicated in the case of current or past infections and skin diseases in the injection area.
May not be re-sterilized or combined with other products.
Avoid injection into blood vessels and surrounding tissues.
Do not use in the case of damaged packaging.
Patients with allergic reactions to other medications or suffering from liver disease should be monitored medically.
Store at room temperature.
Keep out of the sun.
Do not freeze.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Possible side effects of the medical device

The main side effects are pain, swelling and a feeling of warmth in the treated knee.


The product is intended for administration only by authorized medical personnel in accordance with local law.
The syringe, needle, and other unused supplies should be disposed of immediately after use. If the packaging is damaged, the product should not be used.
Shelf life of 3 years

Using the product with other drugs

Tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking or have recently taken, and about any medications you plan to use.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Consult a doctor before use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.





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