Gen Factor gFACTOR 03 10×2 ml

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Gen Factor gFACTOR 03 10×2 ml

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Gen Factor 03 is a composition of biological active proteins and peptides placed in a biopolymer hydrogel base. This base enables effective application and transfer of growth factors and amino acids to the skin surface, stimulating regeneration. Strongly moisturizes.


Contains: 1.6% transferrins, 5% Colostrum (lactoferrin and igf-1), EGF, FGF.

Application: continuation of anti-acne therapy after GF 01, anti-wrinkle treatments after previous GF 01 stimulation, after acid therapy, hard and dense scars, cracked heels, wounds.

Can be introduced by ultrasound, dermapen, microneedle rf, needle-free mesotherapy.


The product is for professional use only.




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