Gen Factor gFACTOR 07 5×2 ml

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Gen Factor gFACTOR 07 5×2 ml

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The product is designed to modify the action of growth factors and coordinate their work. Dedicated to work with most skin dysfunctions related to atrophy.


With EGF and FGF, it will modulate their action in order to carry out the stimulation process (proliferation and differentiation), not hyperstimulation, and thus tissue hypertrophy.


With PDGF and VEGF, it will modulate the course of the vascularization process, i.e. the formation of capillaries, and not lead to overexpression of the angiogenesis process.


It independently participates in the creation, reconstruction and regeneration of virtually all tissues and organs. It inhibits apoptosis and biosynthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Increases the efficiency of the so-called “night self-repair of tissues” entering the correlation with GH, i.e. growth hormone.

Maintains ionic balance (calcium, sodium, potassium) in tissues, which is strategic in working on the receptor response related to skin pH.

Can be mixed with other Gen Factor Hydro gels to modify skin response.




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