Gen Factor gFACTOR 09 5×2 ml

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Gen Factor gFACTOR 09 5×2 ml

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TGFB3 contains instructions for the production of a protein called transforming growth factor beta-3 (TGFβ-3). This protein is found throughout the body and is essential for development before birth and throughout life. To perform its functions, TGFβ-3 attaches to (binds to) receptor proteins on the surface of cells. This binding triggers the transmission of signals in the cell, controlling various cellular activities. As part of a signaling pathway called the TGF-β pathway, the TGFβ-3 protein helps control cell growth and division (proliferation), the process by which cells mature into specific functions (differentiation), cell movement (motility) and controlled cell death (apoptosis) ). Because the TGFβ-3 protein stops cells from growing and dividing too quickly or uncontrollably, it can inhibit the formation of tumors.
The TGFβ-3 protein is particularly abundant in tissues that develop into muscles used for movement (skeletal muscle) and plays a key role in their development. Protein is also involved in the formation of blood vessels, regulation of bone growth, wound healing and the functioning of the immune system.

Converts hard types of collagen into soft ones
It inhibits the growth of keloids
It inhibits the growth of hypertrophic scars
Stimulates the formation of a differentiated matrix with excessive granulation
Dedicated in treatments with pigment removal, fibrosis correction treatments after implantation complications, for all types of skin with hypertrophic scarring, for hard, keratinized, fibrotic skin and in the healing processes in precision procedures, in treatment care for lip clefts.

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