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Packing set:
1. Two-component mask 5 x 65 gr + 5 x 5 gr
2. Emulsion 30 ml
3. Serum 5 x 3 ml
4. End emulsion 5 x 2 ml

Professional set Timexpert SRNS line

Global rejuvenation
A set treatment, containing products necessary to perform 5 full treatments in combination with a specially developed face, neck and cleavage massage using a metal, chilled spoon. It is recommended to perform the series at 1-2 week intervals.
Comprehensive, innovative rejuvenating care that uses the latest scientific discoveries in the field of cell aging mechanisms.
The treatment is based on three elements.
REGENERATION: a factor that activates the genes responsible for the synthesis of youth proteins.
STRENGTHENING: by supporting the skin’s natural defenses
FILLING: filling effect and deep hydration, immediately improving the overall appearance of the facial skin – smoothes, softens and tones.
The procedure is combined with an original massage developed by Germaine de Capuccini using the LISSAGE SPOON, a special metal spoon that is additionally cooled during the treatment. Stimulating the skin alternately with a warm hand and a frozen spoon causes unusual sensations and an excellent effect of skin stimulation. An element of the treatment is also a unique mask, which, covering the entire face with eyes, causes switching off and deep relaxation.
INDICATIONS: Anti-aging program for all skin types.

Active ingredients:
Based on the Synchronized Natural Regeneration System, the TIMEXPERT SRNS anti-aging line stimulates cells during the day thanks to the active ingredient ZINC-GLYCINE COMPLEX. It is a prestigious award-winning ingredient that activates the skin’s natural defenses and strengthens its resistance to environmental factors.
Germaine de Capuccini has also developed the RC-Advanced component. which perfects the classic TIMEXPERT SRNS strategy by incorporating the power of epigenetics into anti-ageing technology. The key is EPIGENOL, an active ingredient that has the extraordinary power to activate cellular mechanisms that prolong their life, and which are disturbed by our lifestyle.
The SRNS line is therefore focused on delaying the biological clock of our skin and preserving its youthful appearance for as long as possible.

According to the treatment procedure

1. TURN BEAUTY two-component mask 5 x 65 gr + 5 x 5 gr
A luxurious mineral face mask that revitalizes the skin for a unique glow.
The two-component mask is created by mixing a mineral powder with a very viscous, aqueous gel that provides a pleasant freshness. Occlusive action, supporting the penetration of active substances. The mask, due to its specific properties and the application technique that also covers the eye area, guarantees the effect of “turning off” and deep relaxation.
Combine both components of the mask (powder and gel) vigorously and mix thoroughly until a uniform mass is obtained. Apply to the face, covering the eyes as well, and to the neck. The mask sets over time and after about 20 minutes, it can be completely removed from the skin. remember to leave a slightly thicker layer of the product on the edges of the mask to facilitate its removal. After removing, if necessary, wash the skin and dry it.

2. RESTORE emulsion 30 ml
“Melting”, rich and nourishing emulsion for face, neck and cleavage massage.
The formula based on Alpha-Gel technology, which gives the effect of a “second skin”, supports the penetration of active ingredients and increases their effectiveness.
The product is intended for use during massage with the RESTORE ON technique – manual massage combined with the use of LISSAGE SPOON.
Apply a small amount of cream on the skin of the face, neck and cleavage, start the massage according to the scheme.

3. PE-PLUMP serum 5 x 3 ml
Highly concentrated serum in the form of a liquid gel with fast penetration.
Increases skin firmness and elasticity, moisturizes.
Apply the content of the ampoule to previously cleansed and toned skin, massage until absorbed. To open the ampoule, push the cap all the way in.

4. RECOVER facial emulsion 5 x 2 ml
The final stage of the treatment – a liquid, light emulsion, creating an additional protective “coating”.
It contains a cocktail of active ingredients that help increase the skin’s ability to regenerate.
At the end of the treatment, apply the entire content of the ampoule and massage until absorbed.


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