Hyalual Brightening Peel 50ml


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Hyalual Brightening Peel 50ml

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HYALUAL Brightening Peel puts an end to uneven complexion and annoying dark spots on the face. Based on different types of acids, HYALUAL Brightening Peel counteracts sun-damaged, rough and impure skin texture, thus alleviating hyperpigmentation on the face. In addition, this peel reduces the depth of wrinkles so that superficial or even deep wrinkles are effectively combated. Treatment with HYALUAL Brightening Peel not only results in a more even skin tone, but also in a return of radiance. In addition to this, dry skin is given back its moisture and skin hydration in general is improved. The HYALUAL Brightening Peel gives the face a healthy glow.

The steps to the perfect HYALULAL Peel Result

Application: The face should first be cleansed and degreased with an alcohol-based facial cleanser.
Effect: This ensures even penetration of the exfoliating acids into the skin.

STEP 2: TREATMENT with HYALUAL Brightening Peel
Application: Now the peel can be applied, preferably with a cosmetic fan brush. Please make sure to leave the area around the eyes free when applying. The product should be left on for 1-4 minutes.
Effect: Improve skin tone in case of uneven skin tone and skin spots.

Application: After the exposure time, the product can be washed off with water. Pre- or post-neutralisation is not necessary.

The Hyalual Product Range

Hyalual is an evolutionary company that follows the most modern trends and pays attention to the latest scientific findings in the field of cosmetic medicine in order to develop innovative and high-quality products. In doing so, Hyalual specialises in preventing and slowing down skin ageing so that signs of sallowness, dullness and more can be eliminated. Hyalual’s products are designed for people of all ages, restoring everyone’s lost youthfulness. As most Hyalual products are labelled as bio-revitalisers, they contain hyaluronic acid in varying concentrations. The molecular weight of the HA is always particularly high, enabling intensive stimulation of the skin’s fibroblasts and thus ensuring long-lasting results. Overall, Hyalual increases the quality of the (facial) skin and improves the customer’s well-being. In addition, Hyalual’s injectable products are used to combat mal-pigmentation, wrinkles or other skin imperfections, and damage to the face but also to the neck or décolleté is treated in this way. Hyalual also offers cosmetic care products, such as the hyaluronic acid-containing HYALUAL WOW MASK, various peelings to combat different problems, and moisturising, vitalising sprays. All products are based on the manufacturer’s own research and mostly consist of their own promising HA formula.

Application rhythm:

To obtain satisfactory results, it is recommended to apply the product 1 to 6 times. The individual sessions should take place at least 7-14 days apart. Ideally, this procedure should be done twice a year.

Content: 13% lactic acid, 13% mandelic acid, 10% citric acid, 10% glycolic acid, 3% pyruvic acid, 2% kojic acid.



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