Mesoestetic Mesopeel Modified Jessner 2x50ml

The package contains: 50 ml Peeling Modified Jessner  + 50 ml of Neutralizing Post Peel Spray


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Mesoestetic Mesopeel Modified Jessner 2x50ml

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MESOESTETIC Mesopeel – Jessner 50ml

A chemical peel with a wide range of uses: skin aging, uneven color, discoloration

pH 1.5 hudroalcoholic formula

Active ingredients

Salicylic acid 14% – is a betahydroxy acid with strongly lipophilic properties, thanks to which it regulates the work of the sebaceous glands (reduces seborrhea), has comedolytic properties – supports the removal of blackheads, cleanses the skin and prevents the formation of pimples. It is used in anti-acne therapies due to its strong bactericidal, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, salicylic acid stimulates skin cell renewal, exfoliates and rejuvenates. It reduces imperfections (enlarged pores, fine wrinkles) and discoloration, increases skin tension and brightens its color.

Lactic acid 14% – is an alpha-hydroxy acid, naturally improves skin hydration, induces the synthesis of ceramides in the epidermis and stimulates the production of collagen and elastyl fibers in the dermis, thanks to which the skin becomes thicker, firmer and more elastic. Lactic acid also has keratolytic, anti-inflammatory and whitening properties (it inhibits the process of melanogenesis by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase). It is very well tolerated by all skin types, even sensitive vascular skin.

Citric acid 8% – belongs to the group of alpha-hydroxy acids. It has a keratolytic effect, thanks to which it removes discoloration and brightens the skin.


I and II degree of skin aging

eliminating fine wrinkles
restoration of firmness
narrowing of the enlarged pores
unifying the color

Pigment changes

depigmentation effect on discoloration, e.g. superficial and epidermal pigment changes, pigment changes induced by harmful UV radiation
lightening and evening the color
skin prone to acne lesions as a result of hormonal changes, including menopause

General therapy scheme

Phase I: skin preparation and protection

1. Perform make-up removal

2. Divide the patient’s skin area into zones (forehead, temples, nose, cheeks, chin, mouth area).

Assess the condition of the skin – confirm that there is no damage to the epidermis, no irritation or inflammation

3. Protect the patient’s eyes with water-soaked swabs. Contact lens wearers should remove them before surgery

4. Apply mesoestetic® degreasing fluid to thoroughly clean and degrease the skin

5. Protect particularly sensitive areas (eye corners, nose wings, nasolabial folds, mouth contour) with the Fast Skin Repair mesoestetic® intensively regenerating cream.

Phase II: Application of the mesopeel ™ peeling

application techniques: brush, medical gauze, cotton bud

skin exposure time: 5 min

neutralization: remove peeling using plenty of cold water, then apply mesoestetic® neutralizing spray to the skin – leave for a few minutes, then rinse the skin again with cold water

Phase III: Regeneration and repair

Apply Crystal Fiber mask or Antistress Face mask to dry skin.

Optional: Increasing the intensity of the treatment

In order to enhance the effects of therapy, apply a small amount of mesoestetic® Post peel 1% retinol concentrate to the skin, avoiding the eye area.

Phase IV: Completion of the treatment and sun protection

After removing the mask from the skin, apply the Fast Skin Repair intensively regenerating cream and the Dermatological Sun Protection SPF 50+ sunscreen cream (tinted cream) or the Sun Protection SPF 50+ moisturizing cream.

Home care:

After the treatment with chemical peels, the skin is very sensitive and prone to the harmful effects of external factors. Therefore, appropriate preparations should be used to accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis, protect against UV radiation and provide the skin with an appropriate level of hydration. In the recovery period after the treatment, Fast Skin Repair cream should be used. Apply the cream to the skin 2 times a day (morning and evening) or as needed on an ad hoc basis. You can also use Anti-Stress Face mask regenerating after treatment.

For a minimum period of 30 days after the treatment, use high sun protection in the form of creams: Dermatological Sun Protection SPF 50+ moisturizing Sun Protection SPF 50+.





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