HYAMIRA 20 – 20 mg /1 ml

20mg / 1mlr


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HYAMIRA 20 – 20 mg /1 ml

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Hyamira 20mg / 1ml

Hyamira® 2.0% (20mg / 1ml, 40mg / 2ml) is intended for needle mesotherapy.

Needle mesotherapy for use in the dermis layer is able to restore and maintain the natural level of skin hydration, smooth the skin and obtain satisfactory results after the first treatment. The preparation is also ideal for smoothing and revitalizing the skin of the hands. The preparation is available in two types of 1 ml and 2 ml packaging.

Hyamira® is the only preparation on the market with a density of 20mg / 1ml, 40mg / 2ml:

Hyamira® 2.0% is a physiological saline solution
Hyamira® 2.0% is a clear, sterile, pyrogen-free preparation
Hyamira® 2.0% does not contain ingredients of animal origin
It is a viscoelastic solution
Highly biodegradable
Hyamira® 2.0% is supplied in a 1ml or 2ml syringe
Hyamira® 2.0% is characterized by high product purity
Hyamira® 2.0% is a product with a consistent consistency
Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Hyamira® 2.0% preparations and its long duration in the skin

Product for professional use only.

By making a purchase, you declare that you are the person authorized to perform the above-mentioned treatments.




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