Hyamira 2% 20mg/1ml


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Hyamira 2% 20mg/1ml

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Hyamira 20mg Bio-revitalizing Skinbooster 1 syringe of 1 ml


It is best to use 30G needles.

Hyamira 20 mg/1 ml is a mesotherapy treatment. It is intended for mature skin and deeply revitalizes it. The formula of this product includes Hyaluronic Acid, an element that intensely hydrates the epidermis while strengthening it against the effects of aging.

It is an injectable product. The Hyaluronic Acid which composes it is quickly assimilated by the body and restores the skin quickly. It regenerates the elasticity of the epidermis and influences collagen for an incredible toning effect.

Product properties

The Hyamira 20 mg/1 ml formula has been designed to target different problems.
The product protects the skin against skin stress and photoaging of the epidermis. Thanks to a high percentage of hyaluronic acid, this treatment maintains the skin.

Hyamira 20mg quickly regenerates the epidermis. Thus, it erases scars or traces of acne. The action of hyaluronic acid also influences the complexion. It evens out the latter while erasing traces of hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Targeted areas – Hyamira 20 mg/1 ml

Hyamira 20 mg/1 ml is used for the treatment of various parts of the body.

Protocol – Hyamira 20Mg

As it is an injectable product, the intervention of a health professional is necessary for the application of this treatment.

This product is a mesotherapy treatment recommended for people aged 30 and over. Its application is very simple and it does not cause any side effects.

At the start of treatment, the patient will need to receive 2 injections every 2 weeks. Depending on the expected results and the professional’s opinion, other sessions may be planned.


This injection has immediate effects. The product immediately acts on the elasticity of the skin and tones it. The epidermis becomes firm again while being perfectly hydrated and becomes radiant. Wrinkles on the skin are also reduced and melanin spots gradually disappear.


The box of Hyamira 20 mg/1 ml includes:

  • A vial of 20 mg;
  • A 1 ml syringe.

It is composed of hyaluronic acid.




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