Hyamira MN 200 – 4pcs.

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Hyamira MN 200 – 4pcs.

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DMN TECHNOLOGY – soluble microneedles

It is a new generation product containing natural hyaluronic acid. The patches are non-invasive and ensure the gradual penetration of hyaluronic acid into deeper skin tissues, including the dermis. The product is protected by an international patent. The originality of this product lies in its original structure, which consists of a soft, flexible, non-biodegradable external silicone patch to which a hard, biodegradable inner mask” is attached. HYAMIRA MN 200 penetrates the stratum corneum, avoiding irritation of the nerve endings responsible for pain sensation. Hyaluronic acid is released gradually for intense hydration.

Micro-needles have a mechanical effect, which intensifies the reconstruction of collagen and elastin (natural skin building blocks).

– dermatologically tested product

– the procedure is painless

The package contains two sterile kits.

Each kit contains two plasters – four plasters per pack.





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