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Hyamira® Soft – is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid – filler – 15mg / ml – designed to correct fine and superficial wrinkles, ideal for use around the eyes and the tear valley
Hyamira SOFT: 15mg / ml,
1 ml pre-filled syringe + 2 injection needles 30 g 1/2
use: preparation for use in the area under the eyes. It is recommended to stretch the skin between the fingers, avoiding the surface of the capillaries. After the injection, it is recommended to gently massage the area where the preparation was administered.
HYAMIRA Cross-linked: A three-phase filler that uses a novel three-step cross-linking where each phase is formed at a different temperature.
The advantage of Hyamira is the high purity of the product (BDDE below 0.23% by weight of the Ha molecule).
Thanks to this, the preparation ensures biocompatibility, which has a direct impact on the possibility of side effects.
holding time: 9-12 months

The preparation has a European medical certificate

Product for professional use only.

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