HYDROXYTEC Hydroksyapatyt wapnia 2×1,25ml

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HYDROXYTEC Hydroksyapatyt wapnia 2×1,25ml

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The preparation immediately restores the natural volume and density of the skin.Contains calcium hydroxyapatite (55%)

The innovative technology of the microspheres that make up Hydroxytec, with a circular and uniform structure, has a diameter of 25 45 micrometers,ensures the fluidity of the solution and reduces the risk of particle migration and phagocytosis.


It has many application areas and the effect lasts up to 2 years.



Advantages of the preparation:
• Activates the production of natural collagen
• The effect lasts up to 2 years
• Immediate effect
• Provides the skin with a soft and natural appearance
• Can be applied to many areas on both the face and body
• Extremely safe
• HydroxyTec is packed in a pre-filled syringe with a capacity of 1.25 ml (larger than similar preparations)
High degree of comfortThanks to new, more flexible needles, we achieve higher patient comfort, reduced pain sensation and lessbruising.Glass syringe
Glass syringes in which there are preparations providehigh sterility and resistance to external factors.

Increased precisionThe non-slip handle and its precise ergonomics make the syringe adapt to the shape of the hand and provide a highercomfort of use and accuracy during the procedure.



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