INFINI Premium Filler M 1x1ml

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INFINI Premium Filler M 1x1ml

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INFINI Premium Filler M is an ultra-smooth gelled hyaluronic acid to increase the volume of soft fabrics and to correct medium and deep freezers. The product is also dedicated to contour modeling and the filling of the mouth, as well as the correction of soft fabric accommodation in the mouth, such as: peonies around the mouth, puppet lines and falling stitches. The high plasticity and smoothness of the preparation qualifies for modeling with modern surface techniques.


INFINI Premium Filler M provides natural volumetric correction by increasing the volume of the fabric, which has the effect of exposing the fabric to the desired level. The width and duration of the effect is important depending on the depth of administration and the current score.

INFINI Premium Filler M is embedded in the score, which increases the volume of the fabric and fills the damaged score. Gifted objectivity and action in view of the high level of networked hydrohalic acid and its resistance to water binding. The product is essentially resorbable, and the tissue cleansing effect lasts for about 6-8 months and weakly over time. Regular killings invite the sustained effect of the correction.

INFINI Premium Filler M recommends to:

  • contouring and increasing the scope of para
  • modeling of “on the beach” and working with modern techniques
  • bag lifts ust
  • correction of medium and deep freezersfilling of load-bearing brakes
  • leveling of puppet linesbiocomplementation
  • scores long
INFINI Premium Filler M is a sterile, single-phase, polymeric gel that completes the networked acid-free hyaluronic acid.
INFINI Premium Filler M is a transparent and non-pyrogenic hydrogel with corrosive properties, which has a highly high viscosity and a long biocompatibility with tissue. The product possesses a physiological pH and osmolarity and a step resorption.
INFINI Premium Filler M is placed in a rolled ampoule cap with a 1ml luer-lock connector, packed individually in a blister with two 27G injection needles dedicated to product implantation.
The repetition shall include an additional label with instructions for use and self-adhesive labels with the batch number in the medical documentation, ensuring full identification of the product.
Box:Hyaluronic acid sieved 21 mg / ml



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