INNO-TDS Mesotherapy Starter Pack



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INNO-TDS Mesotherapy Starter Pack

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Vitamin complexA special vitamin complex designed to combat the effects of chronic aging, such as wrinkles, loose skin or gray, sallow skin. The preparation contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleid acids and coenzymes as well as hyaluronic acid. The unique combination of these ingredients acts as a strong antioxidant, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Capacity: 25 ml
TIGFGrowth factor stimulating cocktail to promote cell differentiation and tissue repair. The treatment regenerates and heals damaged skin tissues, providing all the elements necessary to keep them in good condition. Capacity: 10 ml
The Matrix A solution with pyruvic acid for biorevitalization, which effectively rebuilds the extracellular matrix and skin tissues, visibly thickening and rejuvenating the skin. It supports the production of tropocollagen and regulates the synthesis of elements involved in skin nourishment.It reduces the first signs of photoaging, eliminates shallow lines and deep expression lines.
FREE Skin Repair 60 gRegenerating and repairing cream with a soothing and regenerating effect on the skin after invasive dermatological and skin care treatments




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