INNO-TDS Vitamin Complex 4×5 ml



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INNO-TDS Vitamin Complex 4×5 ml

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A special vitamin complex designed to combat the effects of chronic aging, such as wrinkles, loose skin or gray, sallow skin. The preparation contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleid acids and coenzymes as well as hyaluronic acid. The unique combination of these ingredients acts as a strong antioxidant, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.


  • dry skin
  • laxity
  • stretch marks
  • skin aging
  • hair loss and weakness

Action:Strengthens ionizing and microcirculation factors in the skin responsible for moisturizing. It supports all mechanisms that allow the skin to regain its proper color, elasticity and hydration. It nourishes the hair follicles, stimulating the growth of new, healthier hair.

Composition:Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, coenzymes, hyaluronic acid

Use:The product is intended for professional use using any method of percutaneous penetration.

Place of application:

  • Face 2-5 ml
  • Neck 2-5 ml
  • Neckline 2-5 ml
  • Body: Stretch marks 5-10 mlHair: Scalp 5-10ml




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