Jalupro CC Cream GlowBooster Flawless Skin 50 ml SPF 30


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Jalupro CC Cream GlowBooster Flawless Skin 50 ml SPF 30

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Skin ageing is a complex biological process, influenced by a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. These factors combine to cause cumulative structural and physiological alterations and progressive changes in each skin layer, as well as changes in appearance, especially on the sun-exposed skin areas.

With busier schedules and overflowing to-do lists, an extensive makeup or skincare routine might be difficult to fit into the day, but at the same time, people still want to achieve healthy, glowing, and flawless skin.

md:ceuticals’ CC Cream GlowBooster Flawless Skin provides instant flawless coverage, unifies skin tone, conceals imperfections, deeply hydrates, and illuminates dull skin, revealing the skin’s natural perfection. In one single step, this multi-function cream nourishes, protects, corrects imperfections, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, boosting the skin´s radiance.

CC Cream GlowBooster Flawless Skin brings light and vitality to the skin, providing a beautiful glow without a shiny effect. Natural, light-diffusing mineral pigments provide translucent colour for a radiant and healthy skin. The cream corrects redness, dullness, and sallowness, giving the skin an even and natural tone.

With SPF 30 and rich in antioxidants, it helps shield skin from damaging free radicals, UVA/UVB rays and pollution, and improves the skin’s ability to fight back, avoiding the signs of premature ageing.

With a lightweight texture, it provides a natural-looking flawless finish.

PRO-COLL ONE + Sodium hyaluronate + Maltodextrin + Niacinamide + Tocopheryl acetate + Stabilised Vitamin C + Pyridoxine HCL + Lysine + Citric acid + Vitamin B5 + Sodium PCA + Allantoin + Sodium lactate + Glycerin + Trehalose + Urea




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