Jalupro HMW 1x1ml + 1×1,5ml


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Jalupro HMW 1x1ml + 1×1,5ml

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JALUPRO – amino acid replacement therapy.

Jalupro® HMW is a product whose task is to bio-revitalize specific areas of the skin that are most vulnerable to the formation of deep wrinkles and furrows, e.g. skin of the neck and décolleté.

Jalupro® fights the signs of skin aging supporting its metabolic and cellular processes. Numerous scientific studies have proved that amino acids (glycine, 1-proline, 1-lysine and 1-leucine) in combination with hyaluronic acid can support the process of bio-revitalization of the skin, which was used to create products from the JALUPRO classic and JALUPRO HMW series.

Properly selected syntax stimulates the metabolic activity of fibroblasts, which increases the production of new collagen, ensures an optimal degree of tissue hydration and creates a specific scaffolding within them, making the skin more elastic


skin with signs of aging and photoaging – deep wrinkles
dried skin after invasive therapies
skin thin, not very elastic
acne skin
gray skin, lacking radiance
stretch marks

Contents of the package:

1 glass, disposable, pyrogen-free, 20 mg HA acid 1.5 ml syringe
1 vial containing 1 ml sterile amino acid solution (glycine, L-proline, L-lysine, L-leucine HCl)

A method of preparing:

Apply the needle to the syringe, withdraw the hyaluronic acid solution and inject it into the vial containing the amino acid complex. Mix the vial contents one after the other until a homogeneous solution is obtained. The amount of product applied depends on many factors, among others depth of treated wrinkles and doctor’s experience.

Recommended injection techniques:

The solution should be applied to the reticular or papillary dermis layer by any technique. Recommended needle size 30 g

Class III medical device intended for professional use.





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