Linerase 1×100 mg

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Linerase 1×100 mg

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Linerase 1×100 mg

Linerase is a modern and safe preparation that can be used prophylactically after 25 years of age. in order to inhibit the aging processes by maintaining the proper level of collagen. The collagen contained in the Linerase preparation is a different type of collagen than the one contained in everyday care cosmetics. Type I atelocollagen contained in Linerase is a biomaterial that completely excludes post-treatment allergic reactions, it is biodegradable and biocompatible (it dissolves spontaneously and completely in the skin). It is the only type I collagen available on the market, intended for aesthetic medicine treatments, and this treatment may become a breakthrough in the fight against signs of aging.

Improvement of skin firmness
Removal of fine lines, smoker’s lines
Atrophic and acne scars
Stretch marks, also “old”
Rejuvenation of difficult areas: eyes, lips, hands, neck
Treatment of flabby, thin skin affected by photoaging
Reduction of stretched abdominal skin (after pregnancy, childbirth)
Firming arms, thighs


Face, eyes and mouth area
The backs of the hands
Inner side of the thighs


The effect of the treatment of reducing the visibility of wrinkles and improving skin firmness lasts from one to two years. The scar visibility removal effect is permanent. 4 treatments are recommended, 2 weeks apart, to achieve the full effect of the therapy.

100% Collagen type I in the form of powder – 1g

PACKAGE CONTAINS: glass vial of 100 mg, sterile, pyrogen-free, containing powder with a unique collagen (atelocollagen) type I.


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