Lipo Lab + 10ml vial no box LIPOLAB

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Lipo Lab + 10ml vial no box LIPOLAB

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Lipo Lab + is a product for lipolysis treatments that reduces the amount of adipose tissue and shapes the body. After the lipolytic mesotherapy treatment, the skin becomes tense, cellulite is reduced and the tissue circumference is visually reduced. Rich in biomimetic peptides, supplemented with phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate and purified PPC, is perfect for fighting excess body fat and guarantees a high safety profile. The post-treatment effects are visible after 3 sessions. The action of Lipo Lab + consists in injecting the mixture directly into the subcutaneous tissue that requires correction. At the injection site, a controlled inflammation of adipose tissue occurs, leading to its breakdown and breakdown in liver cells. The treatment is safe and does not require any preparation or recovery time, and its effectiveness has been confirmed in numerous clinical trials.

Advantages of using Lipo Lab +:

a small number of treatments to obtain visual effects,
short treatment duration,
wide scope of application,
no convalescence time,
the procedure can be performed without anesthesia,
effectiveness confirmed by clinical trials,
high safety profile,
therapy dedicated to everyone, even slim people, cannot get rid of unnecessary fat through diet or exercise.


lipolytic mesotherapy,
fat reduction:
chin area,
hips and inner thighs,
reduction of adipose tissue, cellulite, skin sagging,
improvement of skin firmness,
reduction of tissue circumference.

Duration of the effect:
permanent effect.


Phosphatidylcholine 1000 mg – an ingredient responsible for liposuction of adipose tissue,
5 mg deoxycholate – adipocytosis of fat cells,
Purified PPC 99.8%,
L-carnitine – an ingredient that accelerates fat burning,
Acetyl-hexapeptyd-8 – tightening and smoothing properties of the treated area,
Palmitoylopentapeptyd-4 and Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 – biomimetic peptides activating the process of cell regeneration and renewal; a positive effect on the production of elastin and collagen; smoothing wrinkles and improving skin firmness.


injection site: legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist:
amount: 10-20 ml,
depth: 6-13 mm.
injection site: chin area,
amount: 5-10 ml,
depth: 3-4 mm.
injection: directly into the subcutaneous tissue that requires correction,
additional recommendations:
obligatory qualification of the patient for surgery after an interview,
measurement of treated tissues,
following the rules of asepsis during the procedure,
observation of the patient (approximately 30 minutes) and rehydration.



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