LIPOLAX+ 10ml vial no box Lipo Lax +

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LIPOLAX+ 10ml vial no box Lipo Lax +

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Innovative therapy reducing body fat using lipolysis.

Lipo Lax + is an innovative product for lipolysis treatments, causing an immediate effect of burning local fat and body shaping, being an effective alternative to surgical liposuction.

Modern pharmacology and biotechnology engineering have developed Lipo Lax + allowing effective fight against excessive fat tissue, cellulite or skin laxity. Lipo Lax + is a condensation of the most effective active substances with lipolytic effect in one preparation. Its innovative formula allows you to achieve spectacular effects already in the course of 3 treatments. The use of advanced technologies, a high safety profile and wide therapeutic properties make Lipo Lax + one of the most frequently chosen lipolytic products by specialists around the world.


✔ minimal number of treatments necessary to obtain satisfying results
✔ short treatment time (about 20 minutes)
✔ no preparation for the procedure
✔ no recovery time
✔ no need for anesthesia
✔ clinically proven effectiveness
✔ innovative formulation optimizing the effects of therapy
✔ high therapy safety resulting from the highest quality and purity of active substances Lipo Lax +
✔ combination of LipolLax + lipolytic effect with strong skin conditioning, preventing skin sagging at the site of decreasing tissue circumferences
✔ dedicated therapy also for slim people who cannot get rid of unnecessary fat by means of diet or exercise

The Lipo Lax + formula causes immediate dissolution of body fat (lipolysis). Lipolysis is nothing more than non-invasive body shaping, which consists of injecting active substances that dissolve fat cells. At the injection site, intentional and controlled slight inflammation of the adipose tissue occurs. Swollen” cells burst, and the fats released from them go into the blood, with which they go to the liver, where they are broken down and then excreted from the body. As a result of the treatment, the excess of accumulated tissue disappears and the perimeter of the treatment site visibly decreases. The treatment is safe and does not require any preparation or recovery time, and its effectiveness has been confirmed in numerous studies.

EFFECTS Lipo Lax +

Just after one treatment of Lipo Lax + lipolytic mesotherapy you can get rid of unwanted, locally accumulated excess fat, cellulite and skin sagging. Performing 3 treatments will make tissue circumferences decrease, and the skin will become smoother and more tense. In the case of small amount of tissue
3 treatments are enough to see the spectacular results of therapy, comparable with the effects that can be achieved through plastic surgery. However, if the tissue is thick and abundant, the number of treatments must be greater. Repeating the treatment series will deepen and consolidate the effect obtained during therapy.

BATCHES that can be treated:

arms, backs, hands
stomach, hips
inner thighs


Before starting the procedure, a preliminary consultation should be conducted to find out the patient’s medical history and
exclude contraindications for surgery. It is also recommended to make preliminary measurements of the tissue circumference to plan the size of the treatment site and to estimate the amount of preparation necessary to achieve the desired results. During the procedure, follow the rules of asepsis that will minimize the risk of infection and infection. Administer Lipo Lax directly into the subcutaneous tissue requiring correction. After the injection, it is recommended to observe the patient for 30 minutes and consume a large amount of water to facilitate tissue drainage and accelerate the removal of dissolved triglycerides from the body


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