Louis Santier Ovashape Butt 50ml serum


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Louis Santier Ovashape Butt 50ml serum

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Improve the firmness of the buttocks

The skin of the buttocks, under the influence of age-related changes in the body, becomes more and more flaccid. The butt changes shape, loses its firmness and elasticity. It does not attract attention and becomes a cause for shame. Then it is worth reaching for an effective serum, the ingredients of which can rebuild and improve the appearance of this eternal attribute of femininity.


Youthful appearance of the buttocks

The comprehensive action of the ingredients makes the buttocks regain their former appearance. Ovashape Butt Serum nourishes and tightens the skin, making the butt more full and visibly round. The ingredients contained in it have the ability to delay the aging process of the skin and naturally enlarge and fill the buttocks. Buttocks after such treatment are not only visually attractive, but also more pleasant to the touch.

Active ingredients tightening the buttocks

Ovashape Butt Serum is an effective firming and modeling buttocks product. It has a composition of active ingredients of the latest generation that are quickly absorbed into the skin and work comprehensively. Regular use of the serum improves the shape and volume of the buttocks visually – they become more rounded and fuller. As a result, they are more attractive and healthy, which improves their appearance and contributes to the improvement of well-being.
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OVASHAPE BUTT Butt shaping serum A type of serum

Safe composition for the good of the buttocks

Thanks to the tested, original formula, Ovashape Butt from Louis Santier will help in modeling shapely and well-groomed buttocks in demanding women. The serum has a composition of effective ingredients that are quickly absorbed and work quickly:

Volufiline™. Patented bio-extract from the Asian plant Gardenia Asiatica. It is he who naturally stimulates the accumulation of lipids in fat cells and it is not without reason that it is called “filler without injection”. As a result of this process, the cells in the subcutaneous tissue are transformed into a large number of fat cells, which results in a more attractive appearance of the butt – fuller, lifted and rounder. These effects are visible, and along with them, the skin is nourished and its color improves.

Hot Flux. This modern ingredient with a warming effect stimulates microcirculation in the skin and stimulates key neurotransmitters, but these are not its only advantages. In addition, it supports the reduction of cellulite and causes better removal of metabolic products.

Caffeine. Thanks to it, the Ovashape Butt serum has properties that inhibit and reduce cellulite changes. Caffeine easily penetrates the epidermis and is absorbed in the dermis. It stimulates microcirculation and blood circulation in the capillaries, which also improves cell oxygenation.

collagen. It prevents sagging of the skin, improves its elasticity and tension. As a result, the skin becomes visibly rejuvenated, moisturized, firm and smooth.

Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) – is a mucopolysaccharide that connects collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. It builds its support system and ensures proper hydration (binds water molecules). By filling the intercellular spaces, hyaluronic acid creates the right environment for the reactions taking place in the skin. It is also a natural film that protects the stratum corneum against the penetration of chemicals and bacteria.

Ginko Biloba Extract. Ginkgo biloba extract has anti-aging properties, improves skin firmness and elasticity, reduces capillary fragility and has an effective antioxidant effect.

Olive extract. It is one of the oldest care ingredients known to civilization. It protects the skin and strengthens blood vessels. It is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids that replenish the lipids of the epidermis.

Tocopherol (vitamin E). It is called the vitamin of youth. It contributes to effective regeneration – prevents premature aging of the skin, strengthens the lipid barrier, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

Pollen extract. Bee pollen extract nourishes, soothes and smoothes the skin, restoring its elasticity and giving it a healthy, youthful look. This ingredient is known to effectively delay the aging process of the skin.

Visible action, push-up effect

The caring effect of the Ovashape Butt serum was noticed by 65% of women participating in an independent study, and the clear skin regenerating effect was confirmed by 70% of the participants. See for yourself what effects you will get by using the Ovashape Butt serum from Louis Santier on a regular basis.

The serum naturally shapes and fills the buttocks, improving their shape and volume, providing a push-up effect. Thanks to the precise combination of innovative ingredients, the buttocks become fuller, rounder, lifted and enhanced.

Ovashape Butt is:

– effective modeling of the buttocks,

– improving the volume and increasing the roundness of the butt,

– giving the buttocks youthful elasticity and firmness,

– natural push-up effect, – preventing sagging of the skin and changes in its structure, – delaying the aging process of the skin, – reduction of stretch marks, – moisturizing and smoothing the skin. OVASHAPE BUTT Buttock shaping serum Size Full-size product OVASHAPE BUTT Butt shaping serum Jar packaging Fast absorption and action Apply the right amount of Ovashape Butt serum to the skin of the butt and gently massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed. Wait a few minutes before putting on underwear, so that the cream is thoroughly absorbed and begins to work. The application should be repeated in the morning and in the evening for optimal effect.




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