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NORMALIZE SKIN 3×10 ml – Treatment indicated to optimize skin physiology and prevent the aging process.

A medical preparation, sterile for use with needle or micro-needle mesotherapy

Mechanism of action: There is a constant rearrangement of biological components in the skin. Metalloproteinases hydrolyze skin macromolecules and fibroblast transforms them. To achieve this, it is necessary to stimulate the activity of fibroblasts and reduce the activity of metalloproteinases. With the help of Normalize Skin, fibroblast receptors with a fragment of hyaluronic acid linked to CD44 are stimulated, stimulating their anabolic effects. We provide the stimulated fibroblasts with amino acids, which leads to the formation of new components of the dermis, including type III collagen. By using cysteine, we inhibit the action of metalloproteinases that destroy the dermal matrix (cysteine ​​plays a regulatory role in the dermal metalloproteinases system by blocking their action).

This maintains the pH at 7.4 with a two-carbon buffer solution, preventing the effects of the acidification process. In fact, the acidification process changes the matrix. All proteoglycans dissociate in the same way (they are negatively charged), repel each other and remain far apart in the water. When the positive charge (acidification) increases due to inflammation, negative charges and macromolecules accumulate, which leads to solidification of the solution and prevents metabolic exchange. Moreover, in a positively charged acid environment, it is easier to secrete fragments of the procollagen carboxyl group (negatively charged), where the first type of collagen is best formed (with a fibrogenic effect) and skin aging. Adding antioxidants protects against free radical damage, reducing damage from aging. Choline, which stimulates the cholinergic system of the epidermis, regulates the development of keratinocytes, reducing skin damage caused by photoaging.

Application: The product is applicable to all hypotonic areas (can also be introduced with dermapen). The treatment is performed once a week for 4 applications, then 2 treatments, one every 15 days, and in order to maintain the effects, one treatment a month is recommended.




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