Loxon Max (Loxon 5%) 2×60 ml


Loxon Max (Loxon 5%) 2×60 ml

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Stimulates Hair growth

Loxon is one of the most effective hair loss treatments. It contains minoxidil which stimulates hair growth. When it is used systematically for 2-3 months it brings very good results. It stops androgenic hair loss, stimulates hair growth. Hair loss is stopped after 1-2 months and after 4 months hair start to grow again.

Main ingredient is minoxidil. Minoxidil is the only FDA approved topical treatment proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair. The way minoxidil works is to inhibit DHT or dihydrotestosterone which is what causes hereditary hair loss. When DHT builds up hair follicles get smaller producing thinner hairs and taking longer to produce these hairs until eventually the follicle stops producing hair altogether. Minoxidil inhibits DHT allowing your hair follicles to produce hairs the way they are supposed to. 80 % of people using it experience dense hair regrowth after few months of using.

This treatment is suitable for androgenic hair loss both in men and women


1 ml of lotion apply on your head twice a day. Massage gently. Don’t exceed 2 ml per day.

Loxon is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, allergic to minoxidil or under 18 and over 65 years old.





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