Magic smooth Scrub 200ml


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Magic smooth Scrub 200ml


Sugar body scrub and fruit refreshment

Magic Smooth Scrub is a gentle body scrub. Perfectly exfoliates dead skin, moisturizes and nourishes, and at the same time smells amazing. Refreshing notes of peach and mango will take you to an exotic island and put you in a good mood.

Sugar particles not only exfoliate, but also nourish, regenerate and leave the skin soft and smooth to the touch. Body peeling improves microcirculation and oxygenates the skin. Use it regularly and soon your body will become smooth, elastic and velvety!
Body sugar scrub – what is its phenomenon?

Did you know that sugar scrub is one of the most delicate exfoliating body cosmetics? Because it has particles that do not irritate the skin during the procedure. That is why Magic Smooth Scrub is so great at caring for all skin types. You can successfully use it to exfoliate sensitive, mature, dry or couperose skin. It is so gentle that it can even replace your face scrub.
Regularly used Magic Smooth Scrub:

facilitates the removal of cellulite,
improves skin tone,
smoothes and nourishes,
helps to smooth out skin irregularities,
prevents ingrown hairs.

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