MCCM Salicylic 20% 100ml

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MCCM Salicylic 20% 100ml

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Ideal for combating multiple blackheads (including closed ones). Dedicated to reduce or eliminate imperfections on skin with a tendency to adolescent acne and adulthood.


Acne vulgaris, combination and impure skin, photoaging, parietal keratosis (body).


20% salicylic acid


Elimination of imperfections (shallow discoloration, fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, blackheads, blemishes), smoothing the skin, regulating sebum secretion, the skin regains a healthy color, becomes tense and bright.


Apply the right amount of peeling on the degreased skin, the time of leaving the preparation on the skin is determined by a specialist (doctor / beautician). In the next step, rinse the skin with plenty of cold water and neutralize. Follow the post-treatment recommendations (use of properly selected home care and strict adherence to the principles of high photoprotection).

Treatment protocol:

Perform makeup removal using and tone the skin.
Apply with a cotton swab to the skin for thorough cleaning and degreasing of the skin, as well as controlled lowering of the pH before applying the acid.
Protect sensitive areas with petroleum jelly or cream.
Apply the selected PEELING to the skin with a brush. Leave for a specified time. It should be remembered that the actual, actual time of exposure of the preparation on the skin depends on the individual tolerance of the preparation through the patient’s skin.
Remove the preparation from the skin using a large amount of cold water.
Apply a neutralizer to the skin. Then rinse the skin with cold water again.
Apply a calming mask to dry skin for approx. 15-20 minutes. Then remove the flap from the skin.
Apply regenerating cream. Continue to use high photoprotection for a minimum of 30 days after the procedure.


The package contains 100 ml. Packaging for 50-60 treatments.





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