MCCM Melano Out Cream 30ml


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MCCM Melano Out Cream 30ml

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Melanoout Creme 30 ml whitening cream to reduce skin hyperpigmentation spots.
  • Skin discoloration: melasma, sun discoloration, age spots, freckles and vitiligo
  • As a continuation of the treatment after the Mealnoout System treatment
  • As an independent cream to prevent and inhibit the formation of lesions of various etiology
  • 1 week 3 times a day
  • 2 weeks 2 times a day
  • 3 weeks 1x daily
Prophylactic: On clean skin, apply a small amount of Melano cream to the face and neck at night and gently massage to penetrate the product. The cream turns white. Leave it on for about 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water and apply a face cream. You can use Melano outdoors all year round.
  • Improvement in the color and condition of the skin will be visible after the first week of use, but redness, irritation, skin tightness or peeling may appear. A complete therapy that brings measurable benefits and results is a minimum period of 3 months.
  • Failure to comply with the minimum treatment time may result in the need to repeat the entire treatment from the beginning.
  • Each application of maelanooaut cream must be accompanied by the use of Hydraface strongly moisturizing cream and before each exit from the house the use of protection with high Pantalla Solar 50 filter.
  • People prone to discoloration must apply melanoout cream after each exposure to the sun, despite the end of the treatment.
  • It is recommended to store the creams in the refrigerator.





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