MD-Shoulder 2 ml x 10 vial



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MD-Shoulder 2 ml x 10 vial

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Fabre EasyGo is a medical device in the form of an injection gel. Created on the basis of sterile, colorless and transparent hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin with an appropriate pH indicator. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that is an important component of the skin and connective tissue. A single-use 2 ml pre-filled syringe contains 1.8% (36 mg) of hyaluronic acid.
The product also contains sodium succinate, which in combination with hyaluronic acid, in addition to its symptomatic effect, temporarily restores the viscoelasticity of the synovial fluid and reduces the processes damaging the cartilage caused by injuries or degenerative disease.
ApplicationFor intra-articular injections to temporarily restore the viscoelasticity of the synovial fluid in the event of problems caused by an injury or degenerative disease.
Usage method The gel should be administered only by qualified and appropriately trained doctors in intra-articular injections, the administration of the preparation may only be intra-articular. Depending on the severity of the lesions, EasyGo can be administered for 3-5 weeks with 1-2 weeks between injections. The recommended treatment schedule is 3 intra-articular injections. This scheme may be repeated after 6 months under the supervision of a doctor in cases justified by the patient’s complaints. In osteoarthritis of the hip, shoulder and ankle joint, a 3-injection schedule is also recommended, but there should be an interval of 1-3 months between injections.
IngredientsActive substance: sodium hyaluronate; excipients: succinic acid, sodium succinate, sodium chloride, water for injections.
Contraindications Do not give to people who: there is an allergy to any of the ingredients of the preparation, you have been receiving anticoagulation or thrombilytic treatment within the last 2 weeks, there are symptoms of a bacterial or viral infection. Do not use in people under 18 years of age. Do not use in pregnant and lactating women. Do not use in the area of ​​skin lesions (infections, reactions, etc.).
Important tips Administration of the product should always follow aseptic techniques. After opening, the product should be used immediately and the syringe should be discarded. The product is intended for single use, after the first use, the unused part loses its sterility. The remainder of the product should not be administered and must not be re-sterilized. Subsequent sterilization may cause cross-contamination between the patient and the physician. Do not use multiple times; regardless of the amount of product remaining after the first use. Do not administer the preparation intravenously. Do not administer orally. Do not administer if the product is not clear or colored. Do not administer when the packaging is open or damaged. Do not freeze, do not heat up in microwave ovens. Do not aspirate air into the pre-filled syringe. Before administration, gently push the plunger to get a drop of product at the tip of the needle to remove air from the needle and the pre-filled syringe. For administration, do not use skin disinfectants containing quaternary ammonium salts, such as, for example, benzalkonium chloride. Do not cool or warm the injection site after the skin redness or swelling occurs after injection. Store in a closed container at a temperature of 5-30 ° C, out of reach of small children. Protect against sunlight and heat sources.
Warnings The product may cause a feeling of discomfort in some patients, as with other injectables. There may be a rash, redness, swelling, bruising, itchy skin and pain at the injection site. In most cases, symptoms disappear within 72 hours. In some cases, symptoms of coagulation and sensation disorders at the injection site may occur. Very rare cases of complications after the use of injections of products containing hyaluronic acid described in the literature are: skin necrosis, warts, granulomas, skin hyperalgesia, abscesses. In the case of the above, immediately consult a doctor and contact the manufacturer of the preparation.
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